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    6 Things That Happen in Your Body When You Drink Coffee

    Source: Coffee can affect your body both positively and negatively. In order to avoid the latter, there are some tips to follow : Due to its special taste and stimulant effect, drinking coffee is an indispensable morning routine for many people. The impact of coffee on the human body: Coffee has various effects on the […] More

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    Five Health Benefits of Dates

      An old Chinese proverb “If heaven drops a date, open your mouth” reflects how dates are on a class of their own. Even evidence from old medicine and religious books suggest it’s considered as the stapled fruit, especially in North African and Arab Gulf countries. Indeed, dates are small delicious fruits with a pleasing […] More

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    Breakfast Foods You Need To Avoid

    Many healthcare professionals consider breakfast the most important meal of the day. It is critical you focus on making healthy choices for your breakfast to start your day full of energy. Here’s a range of unhealthy foods that you better avoid for breakfast: Foods not to Eat for Breakfast :   Cakes, pastries, donuts and […] More

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    7 Foods Draining Your Energy

    Healthy eating habits are the quintessence of our well-being. Indeed, while certain foods tend to increase our energy levels, others drain them and thus should be avoided or consumed in moderation. Foods that cause low energy level If you feel lethargic with low energy levels, then the below-mentioned food groups are likely to be blamed. […] More

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    12 Fruits That Effectively Burn Fats

    Did you know that reducing weight is not as difficult as it may seem? What you eat is as relevant as what you don’t. In correlation with weight loss, research shows that fruit intake is an excellent option for reducing weight. So, we are lucky to eat fruits that can help us burn fat and […] More

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    Banana Peels and its benefits

    It is known that bananas are one of the healthiest fruits you can eat. It has a lot of vitamins and minerals to protect your body from any sickness and helps your skin clear and smooth. Here are the lists of the vitamins and minerals stored in bananas: Protein, fiber, vitamins A, B6, and C, […] More